The Flavour of California

If you’re developing new products, or enhancing old ones, be it in the bakery, confectionery, snacking or foodservice markets, why not give California Raisins a try?

California Raisins are grown and dried in ideal conditions in the San Joaquin Valley, the sugar levels of the dried grapes are monitored closely and are invariably consistent. Dried fully in the sun, and full of flavour, the rich, sweet, chocolatey taste of California Raisins just can’t be beaten.

As well as a simple, healthy snack they are an ideal ingredient for all types of foods.

California Raisins are also available in a paste and juice concentrate form. These are both made from the natural fruit, simply extruded through a fine mesh in the case of paste, or leached in water to a certain concentration of sugars in the case of juice. Not only do they have the same sweet, intense flavour of the raisins, they are also both extremely functional ingredients. California Raisins and their applications contain propionic acid, which acts as an excellent, natural flavour enhancer. So even if you’re not looking for the raisin flavour, a small amount of juice or paste can heighten the other flavours in your products without changing the taste of the product.

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