Thank you Abbeychart say children of Malawi

Abbeychart of Faringdon, in conjunction with One Water have successfully improved the lives of 5000 people by installing a PlayPump® at Mmanga Primary School in Malawi.

The PlayPump is a playground roundabout fixed to an underground pump. When the children play, they pump water from deep down. The fresh, clean water is then fed into storage tanks. Water quality is constantly checked.

Previously, people had to walk for many miles to collect water which was often dirty and contaminated. The community now have a better standard of life enabling the water to be used for drinking, cooking and growing their crops. The children, who often collected the water, can now attend more lessons and the school can stay open longer.

Mmanga Primary School children sent a special message to Abbeychart for their support; “Zikomo” meaning ‘thank you’ in their local dialect, Chichewa.