Suzohapp is celebrating 20 years of Comestero change machines

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Comestero change machine brand and Suzohapp is proud to celebrate this important milestone, the result of years spent understanding customer needs and converting them into the right solutions. This has been the foundation for the Comestero change machine success.

Wilbert Bieleman, president and managing director of Suzohapp’s EMA components division, said: “The Comestero brand equals change machines and these machines play a key role in our portfolio at Suzohapp. This brand represents our top-of-the-range offering alongside Scan Coin, CashComplete, Currenza C² and Bill-to-Bill.”

The first Comestero change machine was launched in Italy in 1997.

Piero Martellotta, gaming sales director in Italy, added: “We’ve been pioneers in this technology for 20 years now. We are well known for our commitment, our passion and strong focus on creating solutions that mirror customer needs.”

The first models in 1997 were the SimplyCoin and the MultiCoin, the forerunners of modern change machines. Easy Change followed a year later. The simplicity and flexibility of this change machine drove its international success. The need to provide change machines for outdoor applications was solved in 1999 with the introduction of Simply Inox which was recognized for its high level of protection against adverse weather conditions. Further successful models followed, yet 2009 marked a new era in change machine quality and design with the introduction of the innovative PRO range (Easy PRO, Jolly PRO, Dual Coin PRO and Twin Jolly PRO), developed to raise the bar in terms of functionality and application.

Meanwhile, the gaming market evolved and the need for banknote recycling within change machines arose. Swing was introduced in 2012 offering two-way money change – from banknotes to coins and from coins to banknotes – in just a few seconds and ensuring recharge autonomy and simple maintenance. Furthermore, a new cabinet design guaranteed robustness and security alongside a high-security lock and upgraded closing mechanisms.

Swing Next was presented in 2015. Available in two versions (single-coin or multi-coin payout), Swing Next had a banknote recycler fitting that validated and paid out banknotes from a single source and constantly self-refilled itself.

Goran Sovilj, sales vice president gaming EMA, explained: “The Comestero change machines represent the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.

“They offer years of proven field experience and a deep understanding of the dynamics of the gaming market. Our key benefits for 20 years now have been quality, flexibility and security – all these features strengthen our offering. 20 years of change machines are truly a milestone and we are excited to celebrate this anniversary with special offers for our best customers.”