Suzo-Happ – the new name behind Currenza

The Currenza c² coin recycling unit and the Currenza Clip cashless payment system are relied upon by a great deal of operators around the world. It is good to know that these products are now in the hands of a major currency handling company, namely Suzo-Happ. The agreement was signed in December last year with Crane and Suzo-Happ has the exclusive rights to market, sell and service the Currenza products in Europe.

The Suzo-Happ Group was formed in January 2005 as the result of the merger of Suzo (formerly Suzo International) and Happ (formerly Happ Controls). Suzo International, the European heart of the company, was formed itself back in 1955. The Suzo-Happ Group has nearly 500 employees in 12 locations serving customers in over 70 countries. The European headquarters are based near to Rotterdam, in Oud Beijerland. Furthermore, Suzo-Happ has European subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom

Suzo-Happ operates in major industries. Vending has always been a part of these with the industrial, transportation and retail sectors to match. The larger proportion of business for Suzo-Happ has traditionally been in the amusement and gaming industries where the company is a household name, providing the largest number of solutions for spare parts and components. Indeed, Suzo-Happ is here the global number one. The strong focus on both manufacturers and operators has enabled Suzo-Happ to create a leading position for cutting-edge technology. Suzo-Happ has a large manufacturing base in China where is makes an ever-growing selection of innovations. It is here, for example, where in particular the Suzo-Happ range of coin-payout systems (hoppers) are built.

Suzo-Happ has taken on board the key members of the Currenza vending team in Europe so that customers will continue to deal with their trusted contacts. Marcel Oelen, Managing Director of Suzo-Happ EMEA, notes, “This is a natural transition for both companies and the synergies are clear to see. We at Suzo-Happ have decades of experience in coin-handling and payment systems with our focus being on fulfilling the needs in the amusement and gaming industries. Now with the Currenza products, we have the perfect solutions for the vending industry as well. We have the great, trusted Currenza team working for us so for our customers it is business as usual. We are proud to have brought the Currenza team and products within our group and are dedicated to continue and even grow this extremely high level of service”.

About Suzo-Happ

Suzo-Happ operates in the global gaming, amusement, vending, industrial, transportation and retail markets by serving entertainment venue operators and      original equipment manufacturers. The company supplies a wide variety of components, consumables and hardware products and provides marketing, engineering, design and technical repair services. The product lines offered by Suzo-Happ include coin and currency handling equipment, display solutions, control devices, game operation components, environmental products and consumables. The company’s nearly 500 employees serve more than 20,000 customers worldwide. Suzo-Happ has manufacturing,   engineering, distribution and service capabilities in 12 countries globally. More information is available at

Suzo-Happ is owned by Acon Investments, a Washington, D.C.-based private equity investment firm with more than $2.5billion of capital managed. For more information visit