Something new in vending

comesteroA change is in the air for Suzo-Happ and Comesterogroup, who are anticipating spring with an interesting new service for their customers. They are introducing ‘What’s new – All around Vending & Suzo-Happ’. The new informative newsletter will contain a selection of the most important news from the Group and the world of Vending.

The newsletter will be published monthly and is aimed at the Group’s customers in Italy as well as those in foreign markets. Separate language versions will be available in English, French, German and Spanish, depending on the target audience.

The first issue focuses on a topic of great interest: the Currenza C2 coin changer. The product is widely used across the automatic Vending market and is one of the prestige products on which the Group intends to focus in 2015 and the years to come. This is demonstrated by the Group’s investments in a new international team, which includes specialised production workers and engineers tasked to closely follow the in-house construction of the Currenza C2 and its future evolutions. Click here to see the first newsletter.

‘What’s new’ will be published alongside another of Comesterogroup’s offerings: ‘Memo UP’, the technical newsletter aimed at audiences looking for technical product news. Indeed, each edition of Memo UP brings together all of the updates affecting the Group’s wide range of products, i.e. firmware, software and datasets, technical manuals and product sheets as well as valuable details about any new features relating to coin changers, banknote readers, cashless systems and change machines.

The customer has always been at the centre of Suzo-Happ’s business philosophy and each service is specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of the individual.