Sielaff ‘supersizes’ Robimat

Sielaff, a leading European manufacturer of top-end vending machines and merchandisers has extended its Robimat range with the introduction of the high capacity Robimat 99.
The stand-out feature of the Robimat range is the robotic arm and conveyor belt system, which gently lowers merchandise to the delivery pocket, making it suited for vending carbonated soft drinks, glass packed products and delicate items.
The Robimat 99 builds on the success of its smaller brother, but offers users and operators a much higher capacity and greater product selection. The 99 has a maximum of eight selections on each shelf for up to 500ml bottles or six selections for larger sports-type bottles.
The Robimat 99 EC version is a highly secure machine, manufactured with a multi-layer glass door. Standard on all models in the range is a locked delivery shutter that only opens to allow product to be vended. This prevents vandals from reaching into the machine through the delivery aperture. In addition, an important security feature is its twin door access system. This means that product areas are separated from the cash box section, so that the money is secure whilst the machine is being refilled. The standard operating panel is stainless steel and incorporates locking lever protection with a CES-lock and a door gap overlap strip for additional security protection.
For those sites that represent severe security risks, Sielaff offers a High Security version of the Robimat 99 with additional security features.