Seymour Valentine takes coffee expertise to the High Street

Cevat Riza, Managing Director of Seymour Valentine, one of the UK’s most successful privately-owned vending companies, has unveiled a re-branded and refurbished Fairgrounds Ethical Coffee House in Soho.

Coffee connoisseur Riza has long-harboured a desire to break the retail market, vehemently against the profits made by large companies and how little they use ethically traded coffee. Riza brought his considerable experience to bear last year, following years of driving Seymour Valentine to vending success and with unrivalled coffee expertise, taking the key business step from trade to consumer and effectively wholesale to retail.

Championing the recent rise in fashionable independent London coffee shops in the process, Riza comments: “We have enjoyed 18 months of successful trading, having developed a regular and discerning customer base. We have listened, considered, acted on and delivered a great ethical offering and are delighted to report a 50% increase in takings in the first weeks following the re-fit and re-brand. This goes to prove that our wholesale product knowledge of good-value, ethically traded, great-tasting products have been key in delivering customers what they want.”

Fairgrounds Ethical Coffee House also launched its own Columbian ethically traded coffee brand to coincide with the re-brand and re-fit.