Selecta scoops Award for Environmental Best Practice

Selecta UK & Ireland Ltd. has been honoured for its long-term commitment to the environment and a strong focus on sustainability.

Selecta has been presented with the “Business & the Environment Best Practice Award for Food & Drink” by Decision Magazine, which is circulated to senior management from medium and large companies in the central south of England.

The award was made following input from 12 representative organisations and academics who identified companies that are leading the way in terms of environmental policy. Some 5,000 companies were initially considered before being shortlisted based on strict criteria that included the company illustrating: environmental responsibility is an intrinsic part of company culture; a desire to set benchmark standards rather than being driven by legislative demands; continuity in environmental responsibility and illustrating environmental protocols are in place, such as the ISO4001. Customer research and an in-depth consultation was then carried out and resulted in Selecta emerging victorious in the southern England category.

Andy Mee, Managing Director, Selecta UK, said: “We are delighted that our sustainable approach to vending has been recognised. The fact we have received a top regional ranking, is a reflection of everyone’s hard work in limiting our environmental impact. Selecta is committed to best practice in every part of its business including the environment, and this will continue to underpin our business approach in 2012.