Selecta relaunches healthy vending programme

UK vending services provider Selecta has given its healthy vending programme, which offers snacks and beverages meeting specific ‘good-for-you’ guidelines, a new name and a fresh look.
Selecta’s Balanced Options programme offers a wide range of snack and cold drink options, fitting pre-set nutritional requirements. It was devised by the company for consumers who want to know more about the nutritional value of the food they are buying.
For a snack to satisfy Balanced Options criteria, it must contain 200 calories or less, no more than 6g of fat and a maximum of 0.25g of sodium, while cold drinks must contain less than 5g of added sugar. The guidelines are clearly displayed on all Selecta vending machines. The programme, which was first launched in 2006, has been re-named following Selecta’s acquisition by German private equity firm Allianz Capital Partners from Compass Group. The branding of Selecta’s machines has also been refreshed to reflect the change.
The Balanced Options range, which is offered alongside traditional vended products, is sold in all 5,000 of Selecta’s vending machines in the UK and Ireland. Available products which meet the Balanced Options criteria include: Ryvita Mini Cheddar and Onion, McVitie’s Go Ahead bars, plus Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain and Special K cereal bars. Cold drinks which fit Balanced Options specifications include 100 per cent juice drinks, smoothies, diet and no added sugar drinks variants, as well as plain and flavoured waters.
“Balanced Options enables our customers to make more informed choices when purchasing a snack or drink,” explains Selecta Sales and Marketing Director Jonathan Barr. “Eating healthily and maintaining a balanced diet has never been more important and the programme helps consumers to do this, whether they are at work or on the move.”
Balanced Options fits the latest recommendations from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) which suggest that in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, consumers should aim to cut down on their intake of products containing saturated fats and added sugars.