Seaga helps operators reduce footprint

Seaga UK has implemented a ‘Going Green Initiative’, removing CFC gasses and power-hungry fluorescent lighting from all machines in its Premium Collection range.
These green measures have been achieved through the use of LED lighting and CFC-free insulation. LEDs are more energy efficient, are low maintenance and enhance the presentation of products, leading to increased sales estimated at 12 per cent. Vicki Armstrong-Smith Sales and Marketing Manager at Seaga UK  reports how well received this has been by customers.
“The vending industry has to be proactive about reducing environmental impact wherever possible. At Seaga UK we constantly strive to improve our equipment by implementing the latest energy efficient and green technologies, which reduce not only our company’s carbon footprint but also the environmental impact of our customers.”
The Premium Collection’s LED lighting systems have a operational life of more than 50,000 hours – over five years – and offer savings in labour, fuel, and costs involved with replacing old fashioned fluorescent strips.
Seaga has also developed its own custom software -Seaga Smartware – to optimise operator efficiencies, thereby reducing costs. Included as a feature of the Premium Collection range, this also supports green initiatives as it enables the operator to customise the energy saving features specific to each location, for example, sleep mode, lockout times and refrigeration energy zone settings can all be set via Smartware.