Scan Coin celebrates 50 year anniversary

scan coinLast week Scan Coin hosted its annual sales conference, held this year in Ystad, Sweden at the Saltsjobad hotel. This year also celebrated Scan Coin’s 50 year anniversary. Founded in 1966, Scan Coin is a leading supplier of cash processing equipment, system solutions and services.

The sales conference provided an opportunity for partners and distributors to hear the latest news from Scan Coin, as well as look back over their 50-year history from the very first coin counters all the way up to the latest solutions, plus looking forward to the future working together with SUZOHAPP.

A number of seminars were hosted by the Vice Presidents of each market segment including retail, banking, CCP/mint, and service and software, showcasing the latest solutions for each market. In all presentations software integration was highlighted as a key driver to support customer processes efficiently.

During the conference Scan Coin also launched their latest note counter the SC 8220, a high quality value and multi-currency counter that delivers outstanding results at low cost. Allowing users to reduce their manual cash handling and get full control of their cash. Scan Coin also showed the CDS9-R, the world’s first self-service coin recycler for public environments – a completely new banking solution for coin deposit as well as coin dispense. Taking control of cash ensures cost and time savings enabling you to meet the customer with the best service. The solution is under development and planned to be released in the end of the year. Both new solutions are integrated in the ultimate software cash management platform portfolio.