RPC Tedeco-Gizeh wins Mars Drinks’ Golden Supplier award

Mars Drinks UK has rewarded cup supplier RPC Tedeco-Gizeh UK with a ‘Golden Supplier Award’ for business achievement in 2010. The award recognises the professional approach taken by RPC Tedeco-Gizeh, towards meeting the needs of its customer, Mars Drinks UK.

Over a period of a number of years, Mars Drinks UK and RPC Tedeco-Gizeh UK have developed a privileged business partnership based on quality, reliability, confidence and trust between both companies. Based on this solid business understanding, a truly customised product and service offering has been established.

RPC Tedeco-Gizeh designs and produces the plastic cups used in the Mars Drinks’ KLIX in-cup beverage systems. A smooth supply of cups into a well-controlled filling and processing operation is an important link, contributing to the overall success of KLIX beverages across Europe, guaranteeing the best, hassle free drinks solutions in workplaces and on-the-go, facilitating the work of ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) customers and fully managed service partners, and ultimately providing simple, reliable, high quality refreshment to consumers.

“The Golden Supplier Award provides Mars Drinks UK an annual opportunity to acknowledge the very highest standards of quality and supplier performance. The 2010 award to RPC Tedeco-Gizeh recognises the exceptional levels of service and product quality achieved in addition to the strength of our positive business relationship,” said Liz Danby, head of procurement for Mars Drinks UK. The award was presented at a friendly ceremony held at Miskin Manor in Wales.

As a major supplier of vending and drinking cups in the UK and throughout Europe, RPC Tedeco-Gizeh is highly concerned by environmental issues and improved sustainability of all products proposed to the market. Important development programmes on alternative materials, weight reduction or improved functionality are being implemented by the RPC Group, parent company of RPC Tedeco-Gizeh in order to ensure future generations inherit a healthy and sustainable world.

RPC Tedeco-Gizeh UK is honoured and proud to be a partner of Mars Drinks UK and will continue to support its business expansion and development programme into the future.