Rombouts Coffee Barista Trainer awarded SCAE ‘Brewmaster’ Certification!

Jonathan Wadham, Communications & Training Manager, Rombouts Coffee GB Ltd. is now an SCAE Gold Cup Brewmaster, furthering his knowledge and enhancing the expertise for Rombouts within the beverage industry!

The SCAE Gold Cup Programme sets the standard of filter coffee brewing throughout Europe, with the intention of promoting a better standard of filter coffee and ultimately improving the quality of the filter coffee being consumed. Having successfully passed the intensive one-day course, Jonathan is now able to assess filter-brewed coffee against the Gold Cup standard.

Jonathan explained, “Brewing to the SCAE Gold Cup standard allows hoteliers and restaurateurs to bring the most out of their coffees and promote quality by serving SCAE Gold Cup standard filter coffee. By spending a little more, say an extra 4p per cup, establishments can serve exceptional quality filter coffee, which presents customers with a better quality filter coffee. If you pay extra for premium quality coffee but grind it or brew it incorrectly you may as well be pouring it down the sink. Start with a great quality bean, grind it, brew it and serve it correctly and your customers are more likely to repeat their visit and be happy to pay a premium for their coffee – increasing your profits!”

Further to Jonathan’s certification, Rombouts offer a range of Gold Cup packages to help operators brew and serve SCAE Gold Cup standard filter coffee. The Rombouts Gold Cup packages range from a cost effective Bunn 392 pour over machine and grinder, through to top of the range Bunn Grind and Serve bulk brew systems for large volume sites. As part of the package, Rombouts, will set up and test the coffee systems and once approved, will award customers with their first-year certification from the SCAE.

Rombouts Coffee is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality whole bean, roast and ground coffees to the hospitality trade, and also offer expert advice to those looking to source Fairtrade products, coffee machine packages and barista training.