Redesigned data loggers for vending machines

Vending machine companies tracking temperature or humidity conditions affecting inventory and sales can now have the convenience of both real-time data and the ability to download it for further analysis.
Redesigned Dickson Graph-at-a-Glance flat panel temperature and humidity data loggers are paperless chart recorders that provide a digital graph enabling managers to visualise environmental trends that could affect inventory quality and sales patterns.
Features of the redesigned Graph-at-a Glance data loggers include 36 per cent greater data resolution in a jumbo 114.3 mm x 86.36mm display screen; up to 37 per cent price reduction; FLASH memory card data transfer capability; USB-enabled triple-speed downloading; user-defined display settings; and 32KB storage.
Dickson claims to offer the world’s widest selection of data loggers and chart recorders to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, or electronic signals.
The Dickson’s Graph-at-a-Glance models range incorporates the FT300 and FT325 for temperature only; and the FH 320 and FH325 for both temperature and humidity.