Red Dot award for Animo

After winning the iF Design Award for its OptiBean Touch machine, Animo’s new ComBi-line has won the Red Dot Award for its high quality and design features.

Over several days 40 experts evaluated over 6,300 products from some 59 participating countries.

Reinder Schortinghuis, managing director of Animo said: “Good taste isn’t just about coffee. The design of our products plays a crucial role in the development process. To win this award is a positive confirmation of our ambition; creating stylish coffee machines that are easy to use, durable, and above all meet the demands of our customers.”

With a ComBi-line coffee machine users are able to brew large quantities of fresh filter coffee in short period of time which is suitable for hotels, theaters, care homes, offices or breakfast rooms.

The largest combination has a capacity of up to 1,280 cups (160 litres) per hour.

A ComBi-line setup is a combination of a brewing unit with one or two containers (5, 10 or 20 litres). These bulk brewers can be placed on a buffet, counter or on a serving trolley.