Real Crisps launch lower fat range

REAL, the popular hand cooked crisps and chips brand is adding a new product to its range – Real D’Lites. Aimed at the health conscious consumer, D’Lites, the tasty snacks made from the root vegetable Cassava and contains less fat than regular crisps and is also only 83 calories per pack.

D’Lites offers two flavours, Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion or Vine Ripened Tomato & Herb, and have a lower GI index and 70% less fat compared to regular crisps.

Produced from the Cassava Plant, a sweet potato type vegetable, the D’Lites will appeal to the health conscious and so could keep the feeling of fullness for longer due to the slow release of energy. Consumers following the famous WeightWatchers plan need also just allow one point per 20g bag.

With no MSG or preservatives, the natural product is hoping to appeal to loyal REAL customers craving a healthier alternative.