Ready to Drink Coffee

Zenith’s topical market report on ready to drink coffee provides the definitive analysis on this evolving beverage category and the many challenges it faces.
Zenith’s Ready to Drink Coffee 2007 report provides full country market totals by volume and value, five year forecasts and company/ brand profiles. The report provides a comprehensive market commentary that addresses: a broadening of target groups, product characteristics, health issues, functionality and RTD coffee, future developments and an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
RTD coffee is not a new concept but a number of factors indicate that the segment has the potential to achieve significant growth in some major international beverage markets over the coming years. The combined markets of Japan, North America and West Europe saw consumption reach 3,163m litres by the end of 2006, equating to an estimated market value of Euros 12,410m.
RTD coffee contains either brewed coffee, instant coffee or coffee extract and usually sugar and milk or cream. It is generally packaged in a convenient format for on the go consumption. RTD coffee is generally served and consumed chilled (‘iced coffee’), except in Japan where vending machines are capable of heating and serving the drinks warm. (Coffee-flavoured soft drinks, such as Coke BlaK, are not included within this definition or the scope of Zenith’s report.)
Zenith’s 2007 Ready to Drink Coffee report is based on detailed research into the opportunities and threats facing the burgeoning RTD coffee market. Zenith’s outline findings are that Japan, the birthplace of RTD coffee, is currently the most advanced market and provides an indication of the segment’s potential. Coffee bean varieties, roasting techniques, organic and functional ingredients now form a vital part of the product mix in Japan.
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