Quality for the customer, profit for the vender

At Douwe Egberts, we have used our retail and foodservice experience to develop a unique offering for the vending sector. Today, our company is able to provide operators with a wide range of high quality coffee products that are specifically designed to cater for coffee drinkers in the out of home market.

Meeting customers’ expectations

Leading the way is our Espresso Bar concept – the industry’s first gourmet vending option fully endorsed by a major branded coffee roaster – with the aim of helping operators break the £1 barrier on vended coffee drinks. The Espresso Bar is a gourmet vending option that not only improves the quality of coffee, but also offers much-improved margin opportunities to operators. From a basic margin generated by a vended instant coffee in a brown plastic cup, vendors can now increase price per cup to £1.20, generating a much improved cash margin and return per cup of up to 90%.

High quality milk products are now key

For some time, the out of home coffee market has been moving towards milk-based drinks, which are by far the most popular choice on the high street. Consumers now expect to get a high quality milk-based drink wherever they are and it’s important that the vending operators are able to satisfy this demand.

At Douwe Egberts, we are confident that the coffee we supply offers consistently high quality, but as consumers switch to milk-based drinks, the quality of the milk is now also of paramount importance. With our Café Blanco product we believe that we are in an excellent position to help vending operators provide consistently great quality coffee – whether consumers choose to drink it black or white.

Café Blanco comes in an easy-to-use granulated format and is made from 100% pure milk, which means it retains all of the nutritional value of fresh milk and tastes every bit as good as fresh liquid milk when in the cup. In addition, because it has not been ultra heat-treated, its protein structure remains intact, making it perfect for producing dense, high quality foam.

We’re confident that a coffee made with Douwe Egberts ingredients from a Douwe Egberts branded machine offers consumers the quality they want, and can open up the lucrative ‘quality coffee’ opportunity.

A passion for vending

We are hugely passionate about coffee quality at Douwe Egberts and are dedicated to helping the vending industry move forward in line with changing consumer expectations. Since we entered the industry in 2009, our new product development strategy has been aimed at continually pushing the quality agenda forward, and bringing innovative products to the market from a brand that consumers trust.

As the high street coffee offering evolves, expectations increase, and it’s important that the vending industry continues to add value in order to satisfy these demands. The Espresso Bar and Café Blanco concepts have been created with this in mind and we’re confident that customers will be delighted with the results.