Plastic keypads in disguise

EAO has extended its range of robust keypads with the new S.series Lite – the first plastic keypad to look identical to a metal one.

Proving that looks can be deceiving, the S.series Lite is made entirely from an extremely durable plastic. With a simulated matt chrome finish, which is scratch-resistant to ensure long-lasting good looks, it looks like a heavyweight keypad. It is also protected to IP67 against water, oil and dirt ingress, so it remains reliable even when exposed to severe weather.

The S.series Lite offers high levels of design flexibility, with many different layouts possible within two standard sizes – 12-key telephone or 16-key hexadecimal. Each key can be laser etched with any type of legend – characters, numbers or symbols. They can be illuminated with different coloured LEDs (yellow and blue offered as standard), either around or through the legend.  The keys themselves can even be finished in different colours (non-standard and subject to volume). The high-quality illumination means numbers can be keyed easily, even in low-light conditions. Laser etching ensures the marking remains pin-sharp for years.

Both versions of the keypads can be mounted either from the front or rear using the supplied gasket. They connect through an external pin-header connection.

The robust design of the S.series Lite makes it perfect for use indoor or outside, particularly within vending machines, ticket machines, payment terminals, telephones and access control systems.