Paccor opens its center for development & innovation

PACCOR, the major European manufacturer of rigid plastic and paper packaging for the Consumer Goods and Food Service sectors, has opened its new Center for Development & Innovation (CDI) in Germany.

The CDI is located at PACCOR’s headquarter in Zell and provides a unique one-stop facility for the creation of ideas, designing, prototype and sample development of innovative packaging products.

For inspiration purposes, there is a showroom exhibiting product novelties, prototypes and the actual PACCOR product range from all the manufacturing units across Europe. The facility also features a design studio which is supported by a mold & tool shop with state-of-the-art machinery, such as a 3D scanner, digital printer, rapid prototyping equipment, CNC machines, a lab thermoforming line and auxiliaries.

“For the first time ever, the whole idea generation, design and packaging development process will take place under one roof, which allows for a smooth and accelerated transition from research and development to launch. It is a tremendously exciting initiative,” said Helmut Ruland, Director for Innovation & Technology.

He explained: “The aim of this new center is to enable us offering a superior service to our customers by facilitating the creation of new ideas, 3D designing, quick prototyping and sampling on-site. Therefore, our research and development teams are provided with the very best equipment and we have managed to unite communication and innovation within the company.”

PACCOR CDI will also serve as a conference center with modern infrastructure in a convenient location which is open for customer events, workshops, trainings and seminars.

“Building the Center for Development & Innovation is a crucial move in preparing for the future growth and remaining at the forefront of the rigid packaging sector,” said Joanna Grochowska, Marketing & Development Director.

She added: “Idea-to-market time is a critical success factor in today’s environment. With the new capabilities of PACCOR CDI, we are offering a complete service package at the unrivalled level, ensuring expertise, infrastructure, technical equipment and best practice in project management. We trust PACCOR CDI will become a well recognized & strong brand representing our commitment to innovation.”