Over two thirds of workers believe better coffee means a better workplace

New research by UCC Coffee UK & Ireland has shown that over two thirds of workers believe high quality coffee makes the workplace a better place to be.

Its survey of 750 consumers showed that coffee quality is more important than having a supply close at hand, with only one fifth of workers saying they prioritise convenience over quality.

Consumers’ appetite for coffee is stronger than ever. The survey reveals that the average worker drinks 2.96 cups of coffee a day – and with 54% of respondents saying they would stop buying high street coffee if the quality at work was improved, the opportunity for operators to maximise their coffee sales and boost profitability is too good to waste.

Other key findings include:

  • Half of respondents leave work to buy coffee elsewhere, 58% of these seeking better quality.
  • Workers will spend £1.78 on a cup of coffee – but this increases to £2.18 for a quality offer.
  • 23% bring coffee to work from home – and a third of these for better quality.
  • 45% would buy coffee more often if a loyalty scheme were in place.
  • The top factors for the ultimate coffee are: (1) strong; (2) tasty; (3) fast; (4) consistent.
  • The latte is still flying high as the coffee of choice for 41% of respondents, with the cappuccino (35%) and americano (26%) in second and third place.

Phil Smith, head of category & insight, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, said: “B&I caterers must compete with high street operators and satisfy consumers demand for a quality coffee. Our findings show that 54% of workers would buy coffee at work instead of on the high street if the quality was good enough, which presents a perfect opportunity for operators to increase coffee sales.

“Operators looking to improve their coffee offer to give consumers the experience they want and compel workers to stay on site for their coffee break should focus on delivering consistency and great taste – factors that consumers believe make for the ultimate cup of coffee. And with workers prepared to increase their spend by over 22% to £2.18 for premium coffee, a quality coffee offer is the key to healthy profit margins.”