“One cashless for all”: Coges invites everybody to VENDIBÉRICA

Attending VENDIBÉRICA exhibition that will be held from 20th to 22nd of November, COGES takes the opportunity to present its latest innovations in the field of alternative payment system. The message decided by the Italian company for this event is clear: ONE CASHLESS FOR ALL. That’s the COGES proposal to satisfy the needs of operators of automatic vending machines and catering companies, with a complete and reliable solution thanks to COGES ENGINE and to its innovative modular design.

First of all, COGES ENGINE is a platform which permits various payments methods; installed in a vending machine, it can be connected to a change-giver or to a bill validator to refill cashless keys and cards, buying products without cash, in a quick and safe way ensuring the operator anticipated profits. However, COGES ENGINE is not only suitable to be installed in vending machines, but also it can be connected as an alternative payment method to a POS using the same keys and cards in canteen, in the company store etc…  

“ONE CASHLESS FOR ALL” also means freedom to choose among different technologies in the market, it supports both keys and cards in the format of property COGES and the best known MIFARE and LEGIC, including the possibility to connect a credit cards reading system both for the direct purchase of products and for the keys and cards refill. Furthermore, COGES ENGINE, continually records accounting operations produced in vending machines including information regarding the effective incomes through change-giver coin mechanism, coin validator, bill validator which can be connected. This information can be transmitted in an easy and reliable way through a standard USB memory, a COGES DATAKEY service key, a infrared port, a Bluetooth device or it can be sent to a remote server via GPRS or LAN by means of the optional modules available. Among the innovations COGES is going to present for the first time in VENDIBÉRICA, the new FREE telemetry service COGES ON LINE will allow the operator to quickly see some basic information concerning accounting data and alarms that have been produced in their vending machines. COGES ON LINE is a website with restricted access which allows to know in real time, from any mobile or desktop device, the condition of the vending machine through a COGES telemetry system. Thanks to this device, the operator can always bring with him the condition of his vending machines, a benefit that COGES makes available to its clients.

A CASHLESS FOR ALL NEEDS… and more that COGES will be proud to present at its Stand 7D06 in VENDIBÉRICA 2013 where all offers and technological solutions will be shown.

With more than 35 years in the vending industry, Coges is an European leader in the design and production of cashless and cash payment systems. Coges proposes a series of excellent, reliable solutions, by developing its unique skills, striving for innovation, adopting advanced management systems, and through the ongoing commitment of its staff and external contributors and its long standing and trusted relations with its main customers and suppliers. For further information please visit the website www.coges.eu