Omron goes ‘custom’ on touch controls

Omron Electronic Components is now offering its versatile touch sensor technology in fully custom form, allowing the creation of rotary and linear slider controls as well as simple on-off switches. The announcement further enhances the versatility of its already flexible touch control technology that allows a non-conducting surface of any shape to be used as an electrical control.
Designers using Omron B6TS technology can now select different styles of control for each of up to 16 available channels, allowing one chip to manage a combination of rotary, slider and on-off switches. The B6TS is offered in four, eight and 16-channel versions, with each channel being able to manage an independent control surface. This service is subject to a minimum order quantity.
At the same time Omron has also introduced a new, higher performance version of its eight-channel touch sensor. The new B6TS-08LF features higher sensitivity and faster response than the existing version. The existing eight-channel device, B6TS-08NF, is still available.
The Omron B6TS family of touch control ICs has added a new dimension to the styling of vending machines, home appliances and audio / video systems, as well as lift controls and security panels. The technology is easy to integrate and highly tolerant of its working environment, offering features such as self-teaching, auto threshold and intelligent filtering simplify system design and improve performance. B6TS compensates continuously for long term drift, to help ensure a long service life, and is designed to be tolerant of EMC interference.
The B6TS offers customers a great deal of freedom to build their own circuits around the sensor chip using their own defined electrode configuration. Omron offers an Evaluation Kit called the T-SIS (Touch sensor Smart Installation System) or “B6TWorkbench”, allowing designers to experiment with user-definable settings to achieve desired sensing performance and accommodate anticipated environmental changes in the custom specific touch panel (Man-Machine-Interface MMI).