Official recognition for new vending guide

The AVA’s new Guide to Good Hygiene Practice has been granted official recognition by the Food Standards Agency (fsa), making it only the third guide to good hygiene practice to be approved by the fsa since the new Food Hygiene Regulations came into force in 2006.
VI readers will be familiar with the Blue Guide (the Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice) which included practical and helpful advice on water and was written to meet the needs of the 1995 Food Safety Regulations.
The new version was prepared by AVA Technical Consultant, Mike Saltmarsh, with help from AVA operator members and using the results of the AVA- sponsored research at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. It is recognised as a UK Guide.
The guide not only provides help on compliance with both Food Safety and Traceability Regulations but also includes advice on training, water issues, fitness to work and recovery from boil orders or flooding.
Of particular interest will be Appendix III which deals with Water and Appendix VI containing information on cleaning.
A complete copy can be inspected (or downloaded) from the AVA website