N&W launches The Big One

The Big One is N&W’s first extra large high street style coffee vendor, with a unique vending experience, the 12oz paper cup that offers a drink size of 250cc.
Commenting on The Big One, Sales and Marketing Director, Mike Kane says that the market is ripe for the new machine: “There has been demand for a machine that provides the full high street experience for some time. People want bigger speciality coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos the list goes on, and this machine satisfies that need.
“The Big One is a totally unique machine, the first of its kind, and is aimed at sites where the customer has access to the high street, allowing businesses and workplaces to compete directly with the coffee-to-go retailers. Its inimitable design, advanced technology and functionality make it practical and easy to use and the funky graphics mean it’s unlikely to be missed!”
The UK’s coffee boom has seen an explosion of chains open across the country and is mooted to be worth £1bn-a-year so replicating the high street experience has been top of the agenda for N&W.
The Big One offers coffee house quality, with high street experience and vending flexibility. The 300-cup capacity makes it suitable for a variety of locations, and is available in three different layouts – two different fresh bean coffee versions, and one with fresh brew tea.
Mike continued: “The Big One is dedicated to providing the best quality cup of coffee, we’re also looking to include a dispenser for sip lids to give that real coffee-to-go experience. The coffee industry is huge, in the UK alone we’re drinking 70 million cups of coffee a day and its appeal never ceases to amaze.
“The growth in coffee sales over the last few years has been incredible, and it’s worth noting that Starbucks accounts for less than 1 per cent of takeaway coffee sales in the world. That gives you some idea of the scale of the market, by launching The Big One we’re ready to take our slice!”