N&W acquires Saeco Vending

N&W Global Vending has announced that it completed the acquisition of Saeco Vending.

The deal – granting the licenses to use the well-known Saeco and Gaggia brands in the professional coffee machines market – will enable N&W to grow substantially in the Office Coffee Service (OCS) segment, strengthen its Vending and Ho.Re.Ca. lines and accelerate its sales development in strategic markets such as Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

N&W expects to leverage on the industrial, commercial and innovation capabilities of Saeco in order to keep on delivering the highest quality coffee experience out of home and enhance Saeco’s competitive positioning through its integration with N&W.

Chief executive officer of N&W, Andrea Zocchi, said: “A new and exciting journey for N&W and Saeco starts today. These two companies which are complementary in a variety of market segments and geographical areas, have based their success on the innovation capability and on the full satisfaction of their customers.

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all Saeco’s  employees. I am confident that, together, we will manage to make the most of the capabilities and the experience of the two companies to further strengthen our market leadership.”