NRI ready for 5 and 10 Pence coins

The Vending industry is currently looking at how to manage the new coins that will be released in spring 2011. Due to intense R&D efforts NRI have already found a solution. Since August 1st every new NRI currenza c2 has been programmed ready for the new 5p and 10p coins, whilst field units can be updated via the HENRI service tool.

NRI have developed a unique coin gauging system for their currenza c2 coin changer. This system represents an automatic mechanism that analyzes new coins in rapid time. The result is reference data which then will be added to the changers ‘data blocks’. The new ‘data blocks’ including the new 5p and 10p coins are then programmed into the new currenza c2 in production. Thanks to this process NRI has been able to program the new coins in to production units very quickly.

What happens if you need to update your coin changers in the field? For that purpose NRI offers the HENRI service tool.

This is an on-site solution tool with full graphic display, SIM card and USB connection for download from the PC. New coin information data can be downloaded from the NRI website onto the SIM card or SIM cards can be ordered with your desired coin information directly from NRI. Having this information on the HENRI SIM card you can simply plug the programmer into field units to update with the latest coin data block. The HENRI can also be used to make configuration changes and even firmware updates.