New Technical Manager Completes N&W’s Customer Service Team

N&W’s Technical Support department has been enhanced by the addition of a new technical manager, Ian Douglass. The company sees this ‘key appointment’ as ‘the final element’ in a series of changes, all of which are aimed at improving customer service.

‘We’ve made some fundamental changes in the way we support our customers’, said N&W Technical Director, Craig Jukes. ‘Our team of Technical Managers is now five strong and I think it’s the best in the industry.’

Part of the restructuring has seen the company introduce separate phone lines for Technical Help (01902 355007) and for Part Number Enquiries (01902 355006). All calls to the Technical Helpline are answered directly by a Technical Manager, streamlining the support process.

‘By separating urgent technical enquiries from parts number enquiries, we hope to ‘turbo charge’ the performance of our Technical Help Desk, thereby reducing machine downtime and improving the customer’s experience of working with N&W’, Craig said.

The company has also launched a smart-phone ‘app’ for spare parts. ‘It provides an instant, convenient source of accurate, up to date information’, Craig said. ‘The proliferation of smart phones is proof that people are embracing mobile technology, so it makes sense for us to provide the information our customers need in a format that’s convenient for them.’