New Technical Chairman at AVA

Chris Skipper, main board director at NVCS, is the new Chairman of the AVA Technical Committee. Chris brings 25 year’s experience at vending’s technical frontline to his new role ranging from service engineer through Operations Manager, General Manager to his current role on the NVCS board.
Having an operator at the helm of the Technical Committee is a first for the AVA and is being greeted with enthusiasm. Chris’s involvement in the Cover Group’s technical committee offers the opportunity to bring wider operator needs and experience to the debates.
The programme of work for the AVA Technical Committee is now being established and will include workshops and seminars for the operator community on key current issues such as energy usage, environmental impact, water quality, hygiene.
Chris and his team will also be furthering the excellent work done by the late John Dixon during his chairmanship of the committee, including links with the EVA Technical Committee which ensure harmonisation of debate and decisions on topics such as payment systems and communication protocols.
The AVA Technical Consultant, Mike Saltmarsh, part of Chris’s team, will continue liaison with other bodies such as the British Soft Drinks Association vending and dispensing committee, various BSI working groups, Water Research Advisory Service (WRAS), University of Wales Institute in Cardiff and Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association. These links provide opportunities for AVA to validate their work and draw on external expertise.