New tea products for vending – from Eurogran

While you might think of coffee as the trendsetting beverage, tea is actually growing faster. Recently, tea is hipper than ever and is showing up in places you wouldn’t imagine. In the trendiest big city nightlife spots, tea is making its way into the most innovative of libations. The tea trend is now reaching the work place and people want the opportunity to drink high quality instant tea beverages any time of the day.
Vending ingredient specialist Eurogran is following this trend closely and is now offering some of the hottest tea beverages for vending.

Le Royal Chai tea

Chai tea is a rich and complex beverage that has been savoured for centuries in many parts of the world, especially India. Chai tea is quickly becoming extremely popular in the West as people are becoming exposed to it in coffee and tea houses. Chai is black tea that is brewed strong with a combination of spices, diluted with milk and sugar. Chai tea is consumed hot and sweet – the sweetness is needed to bring out the full flavours of the spices. Le Royal instant Chai tea for vending is based on the finest instant black tea and milk combined with honey and spicy flavours.

Le Royal Mint green tea

One of the fastest growing teas in popularity is green tea. Eurogran presents a delightful variation on this oriental favourite – Le Royal instant Mint green tea. Bits of mint are mixed in with premium quality green tea. The refreshing taste of mint adds a zesty note to the delicate flavour of green tea.

Le Royal Lemon tea – with lemon grass

Eurogran’s latest version of lemon tea contains real lemon grass which gives the beverage the ultimate fresh lemon taste. Lemon grass is a tall tropical grass which has a wonderful fresh lemon aroma and flavour. Le Royal instant Lemon tea with lemon grass is made from high quality instant black tea and blended with sugar by using the latest technology.

Le Royal Peach tea

Le Royal instant Peach tea for vending is an exotic fresh beverage, perfect any time of the day. Eurogran blends the finest black teas with the flavour of fresh, ripe peaches for a rich, smooth tea with a fragrant, enticing aroma and a juicy, slightly sweet flavour.

Le Royal Chai tea, Mint green tea, Lemon Tea with lemon grass and Peach tea all have perfect vending machine qualities. They all dissolve 100% in hot water for an instant cup of high quality hot refreshment. Free samples of the new tea products can be ordered by contacting Eurogran on tel: +44 (0)1744 613066, fax: +44 (0)1744 23512 or visit