New research reveals tea as a big opportunity to boost profits

According to a new survey by vending operator Selecta, tea represents a growing profit opportunity for operators as out of home consumers seek to replicate their quality home brewed cuppa.

“Over the last twelve months we conducted a large survey of hot drinks vending which provides useful insight into the habits of consumers. Of the 6850 people surveyed, tea was chosen by 23% of respondents as their preferred drink,” says Sarah Risdon, Assistant Category Manager – Hot Drink, Selecta UK.

“It shows that despite the nation’s coffee culture over the past decade, tea retains its traditional appeal with consumers who value the quality of a freshly brewed cuppa from our vending machines. Coffee is very popular but tea shouldn’t be underestimated in the profitability stakes or be an afterthought for caterers.”  

In fact, the company serves up more than 82,000 cups of PG tips leaf tea from its machines every day. With over half of tea drinkers agreeing that tea offered out of home should be ethically sourced†, Selecta consumers can be rest assured that PG tips tea served from their vending machines is fully Rainforest Alliance certified. All the tea in PG tips is grown using sustainable farming methods.