New recipe for Highlights hot chocolate

Cadbury has relaunched Cadbury Highlights, the low calorie drinking chocolate1, with a new recipe and packaging design, saying that the new recipe will have a more chocolatey taste, as consumer insight into low calorie hot beverages has shown that consumers are treating low calorie hot beverages as a chocolate substitute.

The range also sees the previous Café Latte and Fudge variants renamed as Chocolate Mocha and Chocolate Fudge. The Mint, Orange and Toffee SKUs have been de-listed to create a tighter range of core products which focus on chocolate, in line with the new positioning.

Cadbury Highlights is available for vending in 1kg packs.

Kate Harding, Trade Communications Manager for Cadbury, comments: “Although within the Out of Home channel the Hot Beverage category has declined in volume terms by 1.3 per cent (with coffee and tea recording -1 per cent and -3 per cent respectively), hot chocolate was the only category to maintain its growth at +1.3 per cent2. With the re-launch of Cadbury Highlights there is an opportunity to drive growth by increasing permissibility of hot chocolate as a treat, with its extra chocolatey taste and only 40 calories per serve.

“The new offering has tested very well with consumers in terms of both the recipe and packaging, and the launch will also be supported by dedicated POS material.”

1 Cadbury Highlights contains 40 calories per serve

2 Maude Roxby 07-’08 yoy