New look for N&W Astro

Beverage machine manufacturer, N&W, is to re-brand its top selling, free standing beverage machine, the Astro.
Now available with a choice of two striking new graphic panels, the Azzuro and Reflections, the Astro no longer relies on backlighting to look good, hereby cutting CO2 emissions.
Mike Kane, Sales and Marketing Director at N&W explains the decision to re-brand their best selling machine: “One of the key parameters in differentiating our machines in the market place has been strong design.
“At N&W we are constantly looking for ways to care for the environment and by introducing the new designs that look good without backlighting, we can reduce the amount of the energy used. Not only is this one of the fastest, most effective ways to save any business money, it will also help organizations combat climate change by reducing their carbon footprints.
“Using less energy will also improve a company’s reputation as a socially responsible business, and could help attract customers and employees. It just makes good business practice.”
The bold blue design of the Azzuro is cool and contemporary, and shows the steam rising from a coffee cup, while the Reflections panel has a polished metallic feel harking back to the iconic stainless steel coffee pot.
Mike continued: “We’re always testing new ways to improve the look and feel of our machines. Design and innovation are paramount to the quality of N&W’s products, and are continually striving to provide both choice and quality in all our units.”
With a choice of eight models including: Espresso plus Freshbrew; Instant; Single Freshbrew; and Triple Freshbrew; and with added cold drinks options the Astro is claimed to be the country’s top beverage vender.