New EVA report on COVID-19 impact

An updated European Vending and Coffee Services Association (EVA) report has found there has been a marked improvement for vending & OCS businesses, but ongoing impact from COVID-19 restrictions remains severe.

Previewed at the EVA Annual General Meeting (AGM) last month, the new COVID-19 impact report is based on survey responses from both vending operators and suppliers (such as manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, payment solution providers) in 15 European countries to a range of business-related questions in relation to the latest restrictions in place from July to October, and contrasts this to experiences during the Spring lockdowns.

The report is published as a combined European report of all the responses, as well as seven individual country reports (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain and the UK) with responses from those markets specifically.

The latest report findings show how the COVID-19 restrictions continue to cast a dark shadow over our industry, but there are some slight improvements to conditions. Findings include:
·      48% of operators saw a reduction in turnover in September of between 21-40%. A significant change compared to the April losses when the majority (58%) saw turnover losses of between 61-99%
·      People working from home was the main reason for a loss of turnover by operators during both reporting periods.
·      During the Autumn period more operators (43%) planned investments based on sales performance compared to the Spring (33%), which is cause for some optimism.
·      Despite this, in April 2021 only 14% of suppliers expect similar turnover to 2019.

The new report also identifies the biggest threats and opportunities for suppliers and operators, with more employees working from home considered a major threat. In terms of opportunities, some operators see good potential for the industry to replace larger canteens and cafeterias in companies.
Like with the previous report, responses from the survey also provide an understanding of the specific reasons companies saw a reduction in turnover, the segments of the industry which saw the biggest falls and reveals to what degree industry players consider the business will recover during 2021.
EVA members can get the report for free directly via the EVA secretariat.