New dedicated pack size of jerky for the vending market

The Meatsnacks Group are bringing jerky to the UK vending market with a dedicated 25g pack size across their range including Wild West, Wild West Deli and Texas Joe’s Beef jerky. With Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky, available in a 30g pack.

These new packs enable an attractive price point to the consumer and have been tested to fit most standard vending machines.

With the demand for protein snacks now mainstream consumer are looking for alternatives. Our jerky is high in protein and low in fat and make a tasty, guilt free alternative to crisps and chocolate, yet still provide satisfaction when it comes to taste and texture.

From research, we have carried out we know that consumers are using jerky as meal replacements, alternative snacks and as an appetite suppressant which makes then perfect snacks as they come in a handy 25g pack.

Alan Brown, Business Development Manager, Meatsnacks Group comments ‘We know that consumers are looking to healthier snacks to eat when they are out and about. Plus, with smaller packs that provide individual portions they are always fresh. There is great potential to capitalise from stocking these lines.‘

The Meatsnacks Group provides a range of jerky including the Wild West Jerky, Wild West Deli and Texas Joe’s beef jerky, to meet the needs of a variety of consumers. Jerky is an ambient snack and has an 18-month self-life, so is the perfect addition to any vending snacking range.

The Meatsnacks Group have also just launched a new Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky in smaller 30g sized bag and have a health and fitness focused brand of biltong in the form of STRIVE that comes in a handy 35g pack.