Nestlé® ‘sticks’ to creating shared value and saves 22.4 tonnes of material

Nestlé Professional® has announced its new reduced packaging on its NESCAFÉ® single-serve stick packs, which will save 22.4 tonnes of material waste every year – that’s the equivalent weight of two and a half double-decker buses.

The size of single-serve stick packs, across Nescafé’s entire range, will be reduced in length in what equates to a 14% reduction of laminate consumption overall, while the amount of coffee in each serving (1.8g) remains the same. This will mean that Nestlé Professional® will save 10.2 tonnes of laminate annually to produce the packs.

In addition to this saving, the recyclable cardboard cartons which house the stick packs will be reduced by 9.5%, saving 9.3 tonnes of cardboard each year. Finally, the outer box will be made up of 2.9 tonnes less paper, reducing the cases weight to 274g.

According to Neil Stephens, Managing Director, Nestlé Professional® this is a further step in the company’s journey towards reducing its environmental impact. “Since the early 1990s, we have successfully reduced packaging by almost 20,000 tonnes in Nestlé® across the UK & Ireland.

“Consideration as to the environmental impact of packaging is an integral part of our product design. We are always looking for ways to not only reduce packaging weight and volume, but for ways to use more renewable and recycled content. Every little bit can make a difference.”