Nayax extends reach of cashless payment platforms

Nayax has announced a strategic partnership with Tigapo, the cloud-based management and monetisation system for amusement locations, to expand Nayax’s cashless payment and consumer engagement platforms.

Nayax will implement Tigapo’s, proprietary technology, which is powered by artificial intelligence and able to predict visitors’ actions, into Nayax’s advanced payment systems. This will enable coin-operated machines’ operators with state-of-the-art consumer engagement platform and provide a full suite of location management and real-time business intelligence tools.

Tigapo will leverage Nayax’s advanced payment infrastructure, technical support, logistics infrastructure, and development resources, which will enable it to deliver an ‘unprecedented level of service’ for the amusement industry. Tigapo can now offer its customers seamless integration with a range of Nayax’s advanced payment and sales-management systems.

“Nayax is excited to partner with Tigapo and its state-of-the-art platform, clearly the most advanced in their industry,” noted Yair Nechmad, chief executive and co-founder of Nayax. “The amusement space is an attractive industry and adjacent to many current verticals we already serve with cashless payment solutions. Tigapo’s technology can be implemented into these verticals, including kiddie rides, vending machines, ticketing kiosks, and photo booths. All of this makes Tigapo a great fit for us.”

“Nayax, with its global reach and world-class cashless payment platform, is definitely the ideal international partner for us,” noted Tsachi Sayegh, co-Founder, and chief executive at Tigapo. “Combining forces with Nayax provides Tigapo with the strategic growth infrastructure we need to forever change the player’s experience at amusement centers to be personalized and interactive.”

“Utilising Nayax’s rich variety of payment and sales-management products will allow us to offer the best in class, end-to-end management and payment system for amusement locations. As the only fully contactless system, it also the perfect system for the post COVID-19 environment,” said Sid Banon, chief executive of Tigapo’s US operations. “Furthermore, merging our customer support with Nayax’s high-end technical support centers, provides Tigapo’s customers with not only the best system in the industry, but also the best service.”