Minima Office steals the show at Total Workplace Management 2009

The launch of Minima Office at Total Workplace 2009 exceeded even the most optimistic expectations of British company Minima.

Minima Office offers business a compact, low-cost solution to the problems associated with recycling plastic drinks bottles and metal cans. Elegant and discrete, the new machine allows consumers to crush drinks cans and bottles, thereby reducing the space required to store re-cyclables prior to their removal from the premises. It cuts down the number of journeys too, handing environmentally conscious employers a double-whammy of energy and cost-saving benefits.

“Following our extensive research and field trials, we were confident that Minima Office would be warmly received,” said Sales Director Keith Barkway, “but the number of delegates that actively sought us out at TWM 2009 was extremely encouraging.”

Such was the interest shown in the innovative new product that the company’s supply of cans and bottles, which had been brought in for demonstration purposes, had run out by mid-afternoon on the first day of the show. “It was the only problem we had to deal with throughout the whole event,” Keith said.

Of particular interest to prospective buyers was Minima Office’s innovative ‘Crush Counter’. Keith explained: “Each can and bottle crush is counted and the running total is displayed in an LED panel on the machine. This allows owners to measure their efforts and calculate the effect of recycling on their carbon footprint. In trials, we discovered that the Crush Counter actively encouraged use of the machine, as employees were eager to set new records for crushes. It was even suggested that we might organise inter-departmental ‘crush challenges’ where multiple machines are installed.”