Minima Office recycling solution

UK company Minima has announced that it is to reveal its flagship product Minima Office at the Total Workplace Management 2009 show, taking place at Olympia on 7-8 October. Minima Office offers business a compact, low-cost solution to the problem of recycling plastic drinks bottles and metal cans.

The launch of Minima Office follows an extensive period of field trials in which units have been hosted by a number of large companies throughout the UK. Over £500,000 has been spent on the design and market research to identify exactly what the customer wants and more than 20 prototypes have been built and ‘tested to destruction’.

Designed primarily for the Business & Industry marketplace, Minima Office will be equally at home in the office and in the staff restaurant.

Minima Business Development Director, David Moody, said: “We believe that the Minima will accomplish two ‘green’ goals for British companies. Firstly, it will encourage more people to re-cycle more bottles and cans in the workplace. The machine is easy and fun to use and the compacting cycle takes just 12 seconds.

“Secondly, after bottles and cans have been compressed by the Minima, they are reduced to around 20% of their original size. This means that less space will be required to store recyclables and fewer expensive journeys will be required to despatch materials from the workplace to the recycling facility.”

Minima will arrive in the UK in Spring 2010. For more information please contact