Maynards Says Chew

Maynards, most famous for Wine Gums, has launched a new £2million multi-platform campaign that includes new character, Maynard the Moose.

To launch, Maynards will overtake commuter hotspots in the UK through a series of digital advert take-overs, followed by the 5-week TV campaign in which Maynard the moose ambushes people using his vast array of hypnosis techniques to ensure they give into their chewing urges.

The new campaign supports the launch of new Limited Edition Maynards Fruit Duos – the same great chew as Wine Gums but featuring six delicious new dual flavour combinations in each pack. The tasty new flavours are strawberry & lime, strawberry & blackberry, apple & blackberry, apple & pear, tangerine & pear, and tangerine & lime.