Maximise profits by vending full meals from Compleat

Ideal for consumers seeking a quick and hot meal, Compleat vending meals provide familiar recipes in an easy to store, easy to vend format. The meals are individually wrapped and can be eaten straight from the packaging, which also doubles up as a tray. Compleat meals can also be stored at ambient temperatures without the need for refrigeration, making them a perfect, simple fit for a vending machine.

With a range of 15 meals to choose from including Chicken and Vegetable Madras, Chilli Con Carne & Rice and British favourites like Shepherds Pie, and Beef Hot Pot. Compleat offers Vendors a diverse selection of meals that all tastes will enjoy. The range can also give peace of mind with recipes that are suitable for most dietary requirements, enabling Vendors to easily offer convenient meals that are suitable for a wide range of consumers including those who require halal recipes or gluten, nut and dairy free meals.