Coffee innovator Matt Perger joins forces with Eversys

Matt Perger

Champion barista; Barista Hustle founder; and coffee innovator, Matt Perger, is collaborating with Swiss coffee equipment company, Eversys, on its range of super automatic coffee machines.

Mr Perger will work closely with Eversys to launch its new machine later this year. He will also work with the Swiss-based team and its customers worldwide to help them provide consistent quality in the cup and coffee excellence across the board.

He said: “Eversys is right at the forefront of coffee making tech, so I’m excited to be working so closely with the team behind it. I’m a big believer in super automation freeing baristas to do what they do best – bringing the human touch to coffee making. I’m in this industry for the love of coffee, and Eversys’ technology is raising the bar to deliver quality coffee for everyone.

“Only two years ago, I gave a talk at La Marzocco’s Out of the Box, where I predicted that super automatic machines would one day provide an authentic challenge to traditional machines. Fast forward to today, and Eversys is the super automatic manufacturer to make the breakthrough, with machines that provide coffee quality and steadfast consistency.”

Kamal Bengougam, chief commercial officer, Eversys, added: “The partnership with Matt is a great fit – we share a philosophy of fantastic coffee. His endorsement of our technology is confirmation of how we help baristas deliver the exceptional service customers want. “

Eversys’ hotly anticipated new super automatic machine will be released later this year. The new machine is expected to take super automation to the next level of coffee making, further bridging the gap between traditional and super automatic coffee machines.