Manchester Vending flying high with Airport contract renewal

Fantastic news, Manchester Vending has led from the front to secure a new contract with their flagship customer, Manchester International Airport. The UK’s 4th biggest airport will enjoy the latest in vending technology, the ‘Broderick’s Touch’ – an especially adapted Sigma Touch from Westomatic Vending Services.

As one of Manchester Vending’s most prestigious sites, the airport have taken a very active role in the development of the machine, inputting on the styling at various stages through-out, so its 20 million passengers per year can enjoy the ‘ipad age’ of beverage vending.

John Broderick believes that the ‘Broderick’s Touch’ is one of the most important developments in vending machine technology in recent years. Working tirelessly on the project with Richard Brinsley’s Westomatic team for the past 18 months, the sleek looking machine not only delivers a great drink in a large 12oz cup of course, but also provides a unique experience – for instance, streaming adverts about confectionery and snacks available in a sister machine next to the ‘Touch’ machine.

John Broderick explained: “Manchester Vending has always prided itself on delivering great vending solutions to its customers, supported by unrivalled service. However until now, the humble vending machine has been a little limited in terms of selling appeal. With the exception of branding and basic point of sale, the idea of engaging with consumers and creating theatre like other retail outlets was a little far-fetched. The ‘Broderick’s Touch’ enables this true consumer interaction through touch screen technology.”

A high end offering, the ‘Broderick’s Touch’ has many features, but to name a few, the software is developed to show the consumer the menu in a choice of four languages. The machine also takes dual currency, sterling and the euro – both of these features are ideal for travel locations.  Also the touch screen is accessible to wheelchair users with an access button to change the consumer interface to one which can be operated from wheelchair height. This is all contributing to continued added value in the vending market…

Richard Brinsley comments: “At Westomatic, we believe investment in new technologies is key to help move our industry on and to take vending to the next level. Today the same quality drinks as the high street coffee bars are available through vending machines but we haven’t yet fully embraced the opportunities that these new machines can provide. Large paper cups, real milk, the option of syrup shots and coffee shop drink delivery all helps to drive up vend prices, whilst having linked up snack machines for special meal deals that are clearly visible to the consumer all help increase spend per vend, or trip spend to use a retail term. The Sigma Touch does all this, whilst providing a unique interactivity between equipment, brands and consumers. We have not forgotten the basics though – reliability, great drinks and 24 hour availability to all.”

The ‘Broderick’s Touch’ is fully loaded with features such as ‘M2M’ telemetry for instant sales information and online diagnostics. Fear not though, the software is designed to be future proof, enabling new developments such as contactless ‘wave and pay’ technology to name just one. This suite of high tech features, along with great drinks of course, has helped secure a new contract with Manchester Airport, at a vend price of £1.50. Now with note acceptors – drink volumes have actually increased across the site, despite a 50% price increase. This is testament to the pull of the screen and the quality of the drink. With a triple digit order secured for the machines already and a number of key clients and prospects really excited about Touch, both Manchester Vending and Westomatic Vending Services are changing the way we sell coffee and snacks through vending machines for good.