Lucozade energizes the nation with new Cola variant

Lucozade, theUK’s biggest sports and energy brand  is introducing its first ever cola flavoured variant to the Lucozade Energy range. New Lucozade Energy Cola is set to revolutionise sports & energy which is already the fastest growing segment in the soft drinks category .

Cola is the nation’s favourite soft drinks flavour  and the latest offering from the makers of Lucozade will debut on shelf in a ‘black edition’ bottle for a limited time. The sleek, distinctive black bottle design will grab consumers’ attention by creating maximum stand out on shelf and in turn generate incremental sales for retailers.

Retailers are encouraged to maximise the sales opportunity available by creating in-store theatre for the launch using bespoke POS.

Matt McKie, Lucozade Energy Brand Manager, says, “Lucozade is becoming renowned for launching category changing NPD and Lucozade Energy Cola is set to strengthen this reputation. Consumers truly love cola, drinking 1.7 billion litres last year alone . As the biggest brand in sports and energy we are confident that our new cola flavour is going to be a huge success and a must stock item for retailers.”