LTT Vending celebrates 50 years refreshing people

What does LTT Vending have in common with BBC Television Centre, Beatles and the Mini? They were all founded 50 years ago.

LTT Vending is proudly celebrating 50 years of business this year rewarding all employees with a fifty pound note. Over the course of five decades, this refreshment focused business has a deep business legacy to celebrate.

Back in 1960, Maurice Levi, Michael Levi, Joseph Selka and Michael Selka, founded Leesel & Company Ltd selling and operating automatic vending equipment within a 30 mile radius of Bradford.

From the beginning, a structure was set in place to operate as industry leaders with a strong customer service conscience.

According to Michael Levi, founder of LTT Vending, their company’s long term success is due to planning and acting. These back-tobasics principles may be why the public and private sector have embraced LTT Vending and the family that owns it for half a century.

The founders’ expert knowledge of the vending industry also was a key early driver of the firm’s success.

“Back in 1944, my godfather Joseph Selka was based in Canada on the BANF air force base, where 10000 air force personnel were stationed. On Joseph’s return to the UK his lasting impression was a huge bank of glass bottle vendors dispensing coke, fanta etc. He recalled a conversation with ‘a chap’ filling the machines asking ‘how many bottles are consumed everyday?’ replying ‘at this time of year 10000 and in the summer 20000’. This confirmed his thoughts that the future of retailing in the UK was through automatic machines,” said Michael Levi , Chairman and founder of LTT Vending.

That same ambitious pioneering spirit has followed through the years by appointing Edward, son of Michael Selka, in 1993 to the position of Managing Director and acquiring vending businesses throughout the UK LTT Vending has always been on the cutting edge of vending machines, products and services. The vertically integrated business has provided a reliable one stop vending service supplier for its customer base; which has included companies like Spire Healthcare, De Montfort University, Booker Prize, Oxford Aviation , along with many other businesses.

With a focus on the future, LTT Vending have grown its vending offerings providing hot food vending while maintaining continued high quality standards and innovation.

“They really saw the handwriting on the wall with the vending industry and they began to diversify; getting into things like coffee shop style drinks taking on the high street,” said Paul Knight, Trading Services Manager, University of Sussex. “Their continued innovation and getting into new markets not only helps the business, but helps us as well.”

Today, new sustainable product offerings highlight LTT’s road to the future. Offering Fairtrade, Rain Forest Alliance and Organic Certified products. Biodegradable cups is a viable alternative to the plastic cup often discarded in landfills. And energy saving devices fitted to vending machines yielding significant savings of 35% of the current electricity usage extending the life of machines.

As the employees at LTT Vending mark this important 50-year milestone, they are ambitious and committed to growth along withthe continued development of future sustainable products.

For more information about the company, or to get more details on how their products can help your business, please visit them on the web at or call 0113 281 0200.