Low-cost valve ensures compliance with water regulations

A new small and inexpensive Brita non-return valve for use with Purity C filter heads now available from Becktech prevents back flow to protect the water supply from potential contamination and making it simple for companies to ensure that installations comply with water regulations.

These units ensure that valve replacement in vending machines is a quick and easy job accessible to whoever changes the filters, with non-return devices such at these recommended to be changed every five years. They are supplied in packs of three.

The Purity C head and valve can also be coupled with Becktech’s proven reducing bush which fits on to any 3/8in threaded port and allows connection of a 3/4in threaded hose fitting, such as is commonly used on vending machines.

Also available from Becktech is a push-fit double check valve making installations even more secure, complying with the most stringent regulations for the protection of drinking water supply. Stem adapters simplify connection to 3/8in push fit fittings at either end.  All three installation aids are normally available from stock.