Lincoln & York celebrates Rebekah’s new R-Grader status

The team at Lincoln & York is celebrating after Coffee Buyer and Taster, Rebekah Kettrick, became the first and only female Q Arabica and Q Robusta licensed coffee grader in Europe.
At the UK’s first ever Q Robusta course, held at the end of 2016 in Edinburgh, Rebekah experienced a rigorous six days learning about the Robusta bean’s attributes and flavours, alongside calibrating, cupping and scoring the coffee. The week culminated in 20 tests where the graders had to differentiate and classify the Robusta coffee, amongst other olfactory tests.

Commenting on her success Rebekah said: “The week-long course was extremely intense but great fun tasting and comparing Robusta coffee from many different origins. It opened my eyes to the diverse range of flavours Robusta can offer.”

Director and founder of Lincoln & York, James Sweeting, added “Rebekah’s achievement should not be underestimated and I am delighted for her. We take the quality of coffee very seriously and now, having three Q Arabica graders and one Q Robusta grader at Lincoln & York, means our customers are guaranteed great coffee.”