Less sugar trends for Van Houten

The rise in enquiries for Dream Choco Drink, which is made from 50% less sugar and contains 24% cocoa, has come from vending providers and facilities managers overseeing busy sites, while café owners and managers operating with a younger clientele are also expressing a greater interest.

Perhaps of greater appeal for those monitoring busier sites is that the higher yield of cocoa means that less powder is needed per cup and so less product is required overall, adding up to a positive impact on profit.

Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages in the UK, Paula Bentley said: “The lower dosage certainly ticks boxes but the key driver for many is the reduced sugar content. There has been much made in the media of the dangers of too much sugar in recent years, with experts pointing out the proven links to obesity and diet-related illnesses, including diabetes.

“We have become more educated, on the whole, about the risks in consuming too much sugar and younger people, along with the health conscious, are keen to make the necessary changes. We already supply to a number of hospitals and further education sites and expect interest in this particular product to grow in this quarter ahead of the next academic year. We’re certainly making these customers aware of this product so that they can provide their own customers with a lower sugar beverage option that doesn’t compromise on taste.”