Lavazza turns to AI to pinpoint preferences

Coffee maker, Lavazza, is identifying the preferences of coffee lovers by turning to advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

It is gaining deeper consumer knowledge through Nextatlas, a data intelligence platform from iCoolhunt, to analyze data from social media such as comments, likes and posts, and identify genuine coffee lovers who have a trendsetting influence on their peers, as well as the characteristics of their followers.

Nextatlas analyses data to achieve an understanding of what types of people coffee lovers really are – do they prefer hiking in the great outdoors or lying in the sun next to a pool; listening to classical music or dancing to pop songs?

The platform enables Lavazza to see which ones share its brand values, making them target consumers. From a marketing standpoint, the end result is that Lavazza achieves a fine segmentation of the target audiences for its promotional campaigns, automatically and in real-time. Deeper knowledge is furthermore gained about customers and the different ways people enjoy coffee drinks.

“Using technology and insights to build relations with an ‘insider’ audience of coffee lovers is key to the Lavazza strategy applied through Nextatlas,” says Luca Morena, iCoolhunt’s co-founder and CEO.

“Our AI-driven platform looks at finding indications of the future through social media by analysing behaviors, psychologies and stories posted online by influential insiders and their followers. The result is a geographically diverse worldwide community, yet with the same cosmopolitan values and a love of good coffee.”

Simone Ballarini, Lavazza’s head of consumer Insights said: “We needed to identify the people in our specific market – coffee – who are closest to those brand values. The important benefits we found from using the Nextatlas approach were consumer immersion, authentic uncompromised feedback and the fact that each influencer has multiple followers, tantamount to each one having the potential to create a sub-branding effort by themselves.”