Latest EVA vending report reveals market is growing

The European Vending Association (EVA) has published its latest report on vending and OCS in Europe.

The in-depth report has built on the refined methodology introduced last year, involved even more vending operator interviews, and added some new data sources. Furthermore, a whole new market – Romania – has been included in the report for the first time and brings long-awaited credible data to the industry players interested in this developing market.

Overall, the report – based on 2016 data – reinforces the trend revealed last year that several mature markets who have seen a number of years of decline have either started to grow or at least remained stable. Indeed, as a whole the European vending market is growing with total annual revenue rising to €15.05 billion.

The report incorporates data over a 10-year period including the vending turnover of various countries, fieldbase and sales volumes (vends), and a detailed breakdown of the hot beverage machine composition and type of coffee preparation.  The report also provides some insights into the key legislative trends which are impacting, or likely to impact the industry, such as ‘fiscalisation’ in certain countries such as Hungary or Italy.

Some other interesting statistics revealed by this latest report include:

  • The overall fieldbase (number of machines) is now 4 million (1.2% increase since 2015).
  • There are around 190 Europeans per vending machine.
  • Over 80% of European machines are located in the workplace.
  • In Europe, vending machines sell over 95 million food and drink items every day (a rise of 5.3%).
  • Poland and Russia have seen the largest market increases – impressive growths of 6.9% and 7% respectively in the last five years.
  • Operators are selling products at higher prices in in most markets, particularly for hot drinks; evidence of high quality machines and coffee.

This is the 5th edition of the market report on the industry provided by the EVA, and consists of a European summary with an overview of 22 countries, as well as separate more detailed individual country market reports.